About Catherine Moir

Catherine Moir was born in Halifax in 1953. Largely self-taught, she learned drawing and painting at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.  She has been painting professionally since 1973.She is an experienced landscape artist established within the art community in Cape Breton. She can stretch her own canvas, works en plein air and then in her studio outside her home in Cape Breton.

“I like to paint outdoors in the early morning or late afternoon light. I live in a beautiful place and can walk or ride my horse to any location around my home and find inspiration for a painting. The feeling of absorption I get from the act of painting speaks through me onto the canvas. Then I take it to my studio and complete the painting over the next weeks or months.

I am a cancer survivor and work with patients in an art program through the Cape Breton Cancer Centre called The Art of Living. There is a collaborative exhibition of this work in July every year at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design.

I have four large paintings in Open Hearth Park, Sydney, Nova Scotia as well as work in St. Francis Xavier University, the Nova Scotia Art Bank and in private collections around the world.”

Article by Elaine Mandrona

Catherine is happiest working en plein air and her property has been the inspiration for many wonderful paintings.

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Catherine Moir
Catherine Moir painting inside
Catherine Moir and manny
Catherine Moir and family